Tuesday, February 18, 2014

App of the Week: Kashoo Accounting

KIMBERLY HEGEMAN for constructionpros.com writes; Kashoo Accounting is simple, cloud accounting software designed for small businesses. Kashoo users also have the free Kashoo Accounting mobile app at their disposal which allows them to access their account anywhere, anytime with an iPad.
With Kashoo Accounting, contractors can access banking information and record expenses in real time. The app allows lets users scan and attach receipts using the iPad’s camera and create and send professional looking invoices. App users can synchronize their offline data on the iPad with online information at Kashoo.com.
  The mobile app features three dashboards allowing contractors to organize by profitability, vendors and customers. The dashboards allows users to view a snapshot of their business performance, month-to-month income and expenses, and important account balances like cash, bank, credit cards, receivables and payables.
Additional applications features can be purchased to enhance the user’s app experience including:
  • Access Kashoo via any web browser
  • Add multiple users and sharing
  • Import company files from QuickBooks
  • Download and reconcile your bank statements
  • Add your own company logo to invoices
  • Keeps your business records private on your iPad with a PIN code
The newest updates to the Kashoo Accounting mobile app include a new general ledger report with improved detail of transactions, a new journal report and new chart of accounts report.
According to developer, one of the biggest benefits of the mobile app is its instant feedback. The app allows the user to see how every entry impacts the bottom line and the user’s income.
Another benefit of the Kashoo mobile app is the ability to share. Contractors can share their accounting with their accountant or business partners because of the app’s cloud-based platform.

App features:

  • Access banking information
  • Create invoices
  • Record expenses
  • Review transactions automatically imported from band and credit card accounts
  • View status of billing and collections
  • See unpaid bills
  • View account details in general ledger
  • View four basic reports from the iPad
  • View data offline and sync from an Internet connection


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