Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cloud Package Pricing Brings Confidence and More Sales to Accountants

Sandi Smith Leya for CPA Practice Advisor writes: It’s not just the technology that needs to change when it comes to adopting cloud accounting as a new service line in your business; your pricing model may need an update too.  The good news is that accountants are finding numerous hidden benefits by offering package pricing for their cloud accounting services.  Here are a few ideas on how accountants are pricing and packaging cloud services. 
Financial Coaching in Real Time
Victoria Kosuda, CPA, CITP is the managing consultant at Beyond Financials Consulting in Mountainside, New Jersey.  Although she has never met 90 percent of her clients in person, she has no problem selling her cloud packages over the phone and delivering her services virtually.  Vicki has numerous clients on Xero integrated with FreshBooks as well as a few on QuickBooks Online. 
When Vicki presents a proposal to a prospective client, she provides a breakout of accounting, payroll, and software fees that make up the total monthly support price.  She also prices the tax return and any setup work separately.  
One of the cloud features that Vicki says helps to give her an edge is the fact that clients can get Vicki’s financial coaching in real time.  Clients come in the door for the compliance work, but they get hooked on the higher level services, Vicki explains. 
“They are getting a taste of the advisory work and that is why they are staying and referring me to others,” says Vicki.  [snip, the article continues @ CPA Practice Advisor]