Saturday, September 27, 2014

Popular Online Billing Application Hiveage Now Available In Your Language / Hiveage, an online billing application aimed at small business owners and freelancers, this week launched its localization feature, allowing its users from over 140 countries to serve their clients in their language of choice.

Hiveage, an online billing application aimed at small business owners and freelancers today launched its localization feature, meaning that it can be used in multiple languages at the same time. Now, their customers from over 140 countries can in turn invoice their clients in 16 different languages, with more coming soon.

“Though we are based in Sri Lanka and the United States, our focus has always been global,” said Lankitha Wimalarathna, Founder and CEO of Hiveage. “We love the fact that our app serves the whole world, and we’re really excited about this feature precisely because of that. We know that this is going to help a new business on every continent this week, and well, that’s something, isn’t it?”

Though Hiveage’s main user base is American, they also have thousands of users from Europe, East Asia, South Africa and Latin America. “Everyone at Hiveage HQ speaks two languages, and thus we know more than anyone the importance of being able to communicate in a language you are comfortable in,” said Prabhath Sirisena, co-founder and Creative Director. “We offer out of the box support for over 15 languages right now, with more coming soon. Ultimately, we’d like to have every language a customer or one of their clients uses, and we’ll be working with our users to make sure their ones end up in the app.”

Hiveage’s free tier allows users to send unlimited invoices forever, and the web application is thus a hit among new businesses. In fact, Hiveage has thousands of free users who don’t pay a dime to use the service. “The Internet has allowed for a growth in small businesses the world over, and we think that’s great,” said Lanktiha. “As a SME ourselves, our mission has always been to help others like us do business better, and we think a part of that is giving new startups the opportunity to bill their clients without getting charged for it.”

Hiveage has always had a global focus, and to this end has consistently added more and more payment gateways so their worldwide user base has a choice regarding how they get paid. “Getting paid online is much harder than it needs to be, and we think that small businesses often get the short end of the stick in this regard,” said Prabhath. “By adding more payment gateways, we’re trying to give all our users the opportunity to find a payment option that works for them, no matter where they are in the world.”

That’s not all Hiveage is working on. “Our product roadmap for the next few months is pretty stacked,” said Lankitha. “We have our mobile apps coming, and our API is almost ready as well. We hope to have both live by the end of the year.” 

The Hiveage API will allow third party developers to create applications that talk directly to Hiveage’s servers, allowing them to develop applications that can be used by the online billing service’s extensive worldwide user base. “In the end, we see Hiveage as a small business platform, and if other applications can connect to it and enhance the way our users do business, that’s a win for everyone,” said Lankitha.