Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Acclivity Announces the Release of AccountEdge 2014 / small business accounting software used by over 100,00 small businesses around the world.

Acclivity, a leader in small business accounting software, today announced the launch of AccountEdge 2014, its premium small business accounting software for Mac and Windows used by over 100,00 small businesses around the world.

“We really had two goals in mind, when approaching the 2014 release,” said Todd Salkovitz, Product Evangelist. “First, we wanted to introduce features that continue to fuel those small businesses that require certain higher-end features, while allowing them to spend hundreds, not thousands, of dollars. Second, we wanted to launch AccountEdge Cloud, which will be a platform for future feature development.”

"AccountEdge Cloud is not intended to be AccountEdge in the Cloud or a standalone accounting web app," said Scott Davisson, Acclivity Co-Founder. "It's important to our customers that they remain in control of their critical accounting information, using AccountEdge Pro.  Instead, we want to give remote employees and non-accounting employees and contractors the ability to enter data into a web app that tightly integrates with their accounting system.”

New features in AccountEdge 2014 include:
Departmental Accounting - Setup and track departments then allocate transaction line items to one department or multiple departments. 

Product Variations - Create variations for an items and then create properties for each variation like sizes, colors, sizes etc., giving you the ability to track and sell your items with much greater detail and precision.

AccountEdge Cloud - Enables employees and sub-contractors to complete a growing list of accounting tasks that sync back to AccountEdge desktop. They can enter sales, invoices, orders and quotes and capture activity slips and time sheets from any web enabled device on any platform including Android, iOS, Mac or Windows.

Combine Items - Combine duplicate or similar items into one. Simply select an item and combine it with a second item, merging all of the item history, purchases, sales and values into one.

Improved Jobs Reporting - Filter your job reports to span fiscal years. Include financial information on job reports from the previous, current, or next fiscal year.

AccountEdge Mobile Updates - Support for larger file syncs and refreshes data faster than ever before.

Rerun Integration - Rerun gives your customers or clients an easy, online payment method for recurring subscription or membership billing and can be integrated into the best desktop accounting apps on the market, including AccountEdge.

Pricing and Availability
AccountEdge Pro is available immediately from the AccountEdge website, and from Apple Specialists throughout the United States, with a list retail price of $299. For more information, please visit the AccountEdge website or call 800-322-6962.


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