Monday, December 16, 2013

QuickBooks® Syncs American Express Data / American Express App Will Soon Sync With QuickBooks

Scott Cytron for Intuit writes: In November, Intuit® announced a new partnership with American Express. Because American Express and Intuit have a strong track record of service and innovation for small businesses, this partnership is good for accountants and their clients who use QuickBooks®.
American Express has built an app on Intuit’s open platform that enables small business customers to take pictures of their receipts on their mobile device, match them up to their QuickBooks chart of accounts and import them into QuickBooks. The new product, ReceiptMatch with QuickBooks, will close the gap between small business clients’ card swipe and their expense being entered and tagged into QuickBooks.
ReceiptMatch with QuickBooks is free to OPEN small business Card Members – and it will be available in early 2014.
This is an example of Intuit’s vision to enable “no data entry” for its customers and marks the beginning of a partnership that will benefit small business owners for years to come.

Marjorie Adams for AQB writes: According to PC World (view article), the start of 2014 will bring an exciting new tech improvement for small businesses using QuickBooks. A partnership between Intuit and American Express’s small business sector is developing an app upgrade that brings together American Express and QuickBooks.

The American Express app will soon allow users to take photographs of their receipts with their smart phones, and can tag it into QuickBooks and sync the tag to your American Express statements as well. In QuickBooks, it will tag the receipt “based on what kind of expense it is, the job it will be billed to, and the employee who made the purchase”.
American Express OPEN, the small business sector of AmEx, developed their ReceiptMatch app to help small businesses simplify expense tracking. ( The mobile app is currently available for free for all American Express OPEN card members. This new collaboration with Intuit and QuickBooks simplifies business for anyone using the two, and it’s an exciting new update.
Check out to explore American Express’ OPEN, and look forward to the release of the QuickBooks upgrade to the app in early 2014.


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