Monday, January 13, 2014

In Australia they ask "Quickbooks or MYOB"?

Quickbooks or MYOB

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Posted Yesterday, 12:18 PM
For those that have experience which do you prefer? And which profit would be best (Small business need to do BAS, payroll, invoice, etc) currently have a windows (7 or 8) but may look at apple in a few years (but this is not set in stone) 


    Posted Yesterday, 12:20 PM
    Neither! I love Xero

    I've swapped all my clients over and they love it too. 


      Posted Yesterday, 12:23 PM
      I was just going to say the same thing as Splashing Rainbows. I've used a few and now only use Xero. 


        Posted Yesterday, 12:33 PM
        The current versions in MYOB allow you to use a "banklink" feature which makes coding a sinch as all the bank transactions are downloaded (as frequently as you like) into MYOB Bankfeeds and then you can save regular transactions as recurrent so that if you regularly make purchases from say caltex you can have the MYOB automatically code these entries to fuel.  Makes processing so much quicker!  The time I have saved would in approx 16 hours a quarter.

        MYOB can be pricey.

        Quickbooks is more difficult than MYOB to use as, and it can get the user in trouble with allowing the chart of accounts to be set up without account numbers. 

          #5hills mum bec

          Posted Yesterday, 01:06 PM
          I find MYOB so much easier & user friendly than QuickBooks.  The only thing I hate about MYOB is that you can only get reports for your previous year, current year & future year.  So annoying having to restore backups to look at data more than a couple of years old. 


            Posted Yesterday, 01:15 PM
   Trust me you won't go back. I'm an accountant and it's all I would use now. It's so simple to use, easy to invoice, the payroll system is fabulous, and the bank rec system the easiest there is. Plus it's all on the cliyd so you can easily change from PC to Mac and back again without having to re enter data or transfer it from one computer to the other. 


              Posted Yesterday, 05:43 PM
              I use QuickBooks via the cloud without a problem and I'm not a trained bookkeeper.  I find payroll, stock management and reporting really easy.


                Posted Yesterday, 06:04 PM
                I am not a trained book keeper.  I have used Quickbooks for year for my husband's company and it was easy to use and I was happy.

                We changed this year to MYOB because people kept telling me it was sooooo much better but i am not sold.  Simple entry takes so much longer.

                However we are a service based business and have only a few major supplier but lots and lots of small outgoing transactions that take ages to enter. 


                  Posted Yesterday, 06:25 PM
                  Can I hijack and ask those using Xero - what do you use for inventory?  Is anyone using tradegecko?

                  If I use MYOB Accountright live plus its cheaper than Xero plus tradegecko. 


                    Posted Yesterday, 06:32 PM
                    xero! It's the best for business. the guy who made MYOB sold the business on and the investors never did anything new to it.  that irritated the guy so he made a bigger and better program for accounting and I use it for business here. SO good and easy to use. 


                      Posted Yesterday, 06:34 PM
                      View Postbeccaj, on 13 January 2014 - 06:25 PM, said:
                      Can I hijack and ask those using Xero - what do you use for inventory?  Is anyone using tradegecko?

                      If I use MYOB Accountright live plus its cheaper than Xero plus tradegecko.

                      I use unleashed, but at the moment there's no perfect system for inventory tracking. it's work in progress I think. 

                        #12protart roflcoptor

                        Posted Yesterday, 06:38 PM
                        Yep, Xero all the way. MYOB is slow and clunky. 


                          Posted Yesterday, 06:55 PM
                          I prefer xero but it is more expensive at $50 month. I use myob online at $29 month (does everything I need for our small business, the faults are logical data entry shortcuts that are missing) and they have been recently upgrading things - probably trying to reclaim xero clients as they've lost market share. Competition will be a good thing.


                            Posted Yesterday, 09:15 PM
                            Thanks now xero is thrown in the mix! It seemed rather expensive at $60 a month though. From replays here you can't keep track of stock either? (I assume we will need to keep track of parts we have bought that will then be used and charged to the client in the invoice) 


                              Posted Yesterday, 09:22 PM
                              I'll have to check out Xero. We pay more than $50/month for MYOB and don't need to track inventory.

                              I've never used Quicken. MYOB was better before they "upgraded" it a few years ago. 


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