Thursday, January 16, 2014

Level Money App Launches for Android Devices

Level, the mobile-first financial services company, today unveiled Level Money for Android, a free app that turns any Android device into a digital money meter, enabling users to track spending in real time. The company, which launched its first app on iOS in October 2013, is continuing in its commitment to create the next generation of financial services with Millennials in mind.

“The release of Level Money for Android is an exciting milestone for the company, just three months after our initial launch on iOS,” said Level CEO and Co-Founder Jake Fuentes. “We’ve heard from our members; we knew we couldn’t stay single-platform for long. Android is an incredible ecosystem and a natural next step. We are delighted to offer a radically simple, mobile-first approach to finance to Android users.”

Level Money, available today for the first time in the Google Play store, provides a live snapshot of a user’s spendable income, eliminating the need for antiquated spreadsheets and budget categories. After linking to credit and debit accounts, Level Money automatically calculates a user’s total income, recurring bills and recommended savings each month. It then tracks a simple “spendable” balance, broken down by day, week and month. Every time users complete a transaction – such as pumping gas or buying coffee – the app automatically updates their remaining cash available for that day.

In a world where most of our money is represented digitally rather than as physical cash, Level Money provides the mobile equivalent of opening up your wallet to see how much money is left to spend. Key benefits include:
  • A digital money meter: Level Money automatically updates spendable cash as you make purchases each day, week and month and provides a simple, real-time picture of where you stand in order to stay in the black.
  • No budgets or categories required: You want to know where you stand with your money, and finally you can find out without having to build a budget or spreadsheet. There’s no need to manually categorize transactions or do mental math.
  • Built on a foundation of security: Level is designed with bank-level security and encryption and high privacy standards. The company has partnered with Intuit to help manage sensitive data. Intuit provides Level Money members a trusted security and technology platform already trusted by millions of people.


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