Saturday, January 11, 2014

SalesPad Introduces SalesPad SB: Business Management Software that works with Intuit QuickBooks

The launch of SalesPad SB product suite takes successful features from SalesPad LLC's Microsoft Dynamics GP software and now offers them to QuickBooks users.  SalesPad  a longtime developer of software as a front-end to Microsoft Dynamics GP, has launched a new software product suite, SalesPad SB, designed for businesses using Intuit QuickBooks®. With the success of SalesPad GP, the company's sales, order entry and customer service product for Microsoft Dynamics GP®, SalesPad SB combines with Intuit QuickBooks’ simple and powerful accounting functionality to create a truly powerful enterprise application.

SalesPad® SB for use with Intuit QuickBooks® delivers an all-in-one sales, customer service, CRM, reporting, and business management solution for desktop and mobile devices. It utilizes Microsoft SQL Server® and a SQL database to store QuickBooks® data. The client and server design offers significantly increased speeds for processing.

Knight Watch, a distributor of security and energy systems, was an early adopter of the SalesPad SB software. Knight Watch’s CEO Eric Lindsley, on the topic of scalability, said, "A big advantage of SalesPad SB is that it takes QuickBooks and gives you the ability to take a small company that might be 5 to 10 people and very easily go to 100—200—300 people. You can scale it from very small to very large. As a business owner, that’s a huge thing." 

The SalesPad SB product suite includes the core desktop application, iOS and Android mobile apps, and integration with Microsoft Outlook. SalesPad SB also provides powerful workflow capabilities, such as a customizable sales process that lets you route a document through your business process. Additionally, the solution offers a dashboard designer and viewer for reporting and analysis, a Report Manager to simplify report generation, and customizable document output via a Report Writer.

“Small and medium businesses can now add Fortune 500 tools at a low price point,” said Jon Reifler, SB National Sales Manager. In addition, the solution’s highly configurable architecture makes it easy to customize. “SalesPad SB is extremely configurable,” says Lindsley. “SalesPad thought of that, and the framework is there. With some configuration, you can get SB to do almost anything you want it to do, and that’s very nice because small businesses like us don’t have the money to put a guy on staff that will cost $150,000 a year.”


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