Thursday, February 13, 2014

Accountants Cite Cost, Features and Local Data as MYOB Strengths / “The main difference between Xero and MYOB is that Xero is double the price,”

Aimy Chen for BoxFree IT writes: Accounting software company MYOB revealed an aggressive, mobile-focused product roadmap at the New Zealand roadshow, its first major event for the year.

BoxFreeIT spoke to accountants at the event to find out how MYOB’s technology investments would fare in a strong field of competitors. But accountants were more interested in cost, advanced features, integration with practice management software and the ability to save data to the desktop than mobile apps.
“The main difference between Xero and MYOB is that Xero is double the price,” said Natasha McDowall from Tael Solutions.
“I think MYOB will surpass their existing competitors because of the technology changes they’re doing with the one ledger. The implementation of the practice suite into client ledgers is huge for accountants.”
MYOB was ahead compared to its competitors in basic functions and price, partners said.
“From an accountant point of view, user ability, price and functionality works for our clients and gives MYOB an advantage over its competitors,” said Matthew Jones, partner at Jones Accounting Services.
“From an IT point of view, I prefer MYOB because you actually download it to your desktop. Whereas Xero is still not making money and there’s always the risk that if (Xero) don’t pay their bills that (clients’) data cannot be (recovered),” said Ross Kinnerley of Ross Kinnerley Accountancy Limited.
Before MYOB launched its cloud-based programs there were cases of clients switching from MYOB, said McDowall. But in the last six to 12 months people had started to move back to MYOB because MYOB products had more features for a lower price.
“I’ve always found MYOB very good and have used it for about 17 years,” said Glynis Buxton from Chatfield & Co.
Disclosure: Aimy Chen travelled to New Zealand as a guest of MYOB.  You can read BoxFreeIT daily by clicking here.