Sunday, February 23, 2014

Online Resources Explaining the New Capital Gain Rates Changes

Anyone can use our search engine and learn all about the new capital gain rate changes. Capital-gains tax rates changed in 2013, with the 15 percent rate getting bumped up to 20 percent on long-term gains for some earners. But in some instances, a zero capital-gains tax may apply. If you'd like to find out where your capital-gains rate stands or may fit into your 2013 tax filing, in addition to our search engine one of the following websites might prove useful.
• Breakdown of the different capital gains tax rates and how they apply.
• Internal Revenue Service: Covers capital gain and loss rates and topics related to taxable assets.
• TurboTax: Explores new capital gains rates that apply to different investment gains and losses. _/INF22384.html