Friday, February 14, 2014

Xero Releases Mobile App for Android Phones and Tablets / New Xero Touch on Android for 2014

Matt Vickers for Xero Blog writes: It’s here! The all-new version of Xero Touch for Android is available today for download from Google Play. We have completely rebuilt the application – it’s fast, slick, and awesome and we can’t wait for you to try it out.
Xero Touch App

This release of the new Xero Touch for Android concludes the first phase of our change in strategy from earlier last year – we’ve now finished rebuilding our apps using native technology and with the release of our new Android app we are busy working on the next set of new features.  
The native rebuild was a big undertaking but an important step to make sure we laid good foundations for dedicated iOS and Android apps for now and into the future. We are already finding that our ability to extend the features of these new apps is vastly accelerated.
The new Android app incorporates the great new bank reconciliation feature that’s been on iOS since October last year. Its design is more closely aligned with the Android interface guidelines so Android users should feel right at home inside the app.
You can download the new app from the Google Play store right now. Let us know what you think.
Get it on Google Play
Find out more about our mobile applications on our new Mobile page.

What’s next for mobile?

Full files support is coming soon for iOS, along with rebooted expense claim screens which’ll allow you to either make a claim or, if you have the right privileges, you’ll be able to add a purchase directly against a business bank account as a spend money transaction. Android is a few cycles behind right now but closing in. And there’s plenty more to come. 2014 is going to be a big year for mobile at Xero.