Friday, August 8, 2014

Sleeter Group Review: Business Analytics with Finagraph (for Quickbooks & Xero Users)

Charlie Russell for Sleeter Group writes: Business analytics for small businesses is the great frontier these days. It’s an area where most SMB’s just haven’t taken the time to explore, it’s a tool that accounting professionals should implement in their quest to become a trusted advisor to their clients. A new tool in this area is Finagraph, which brings a different approach to business analytics for users of QuickBooks desktop, QuickBooks Online, and Xero.

Finagraph for Business Analytics

FinagraphFinagraph was established in 2010, but their focus originally was on the banking/lending industry. They have expanded to work with accounting professionals earlier this year. Their aim is to provide “automated financial metrics” so that business owners and their accounting professionals can see a clear presentation of important business analytics metrics without having to perform complex manipulations. This includes comparisons with industry averages to see how the business stacks up against similar companies in the same geographic area.

Emphasis is placed on easy setup, easy generation of the analytics dashboard, explanations of terms and concepts at every step, but also the ability to drill into details to see the source information. After setting up the system for a QuickBooks or Xero user you will be presented with a dashboard similar to the following (this is just a portion of the dashboard): [snip].   The article continues @ Sleeter Group, Click here to continue reading......


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