Tuesday, October 14, 2014

AU / Digital First: Why One Accountant Chose To Run His Firm on Xero

Sholto MacPherson for Digital First writes:  Timothy Munro, an accountant with an avid interest in technology, was immediately attracted to online accounting software Xero when he first came across it in 2008.
“The main attraction was the time saving. I loved the automated bank feeds and I could work on it from the office at home. I could see how this would revolutionise the way we would interact with our clients,” Munro says.
Munro began using Xero for his 18-staff firm for several reasons, not least because he knew it would help him become an expert in the program and better explain how it worked to clients.
Moving to an online accounting program had other benefits. Munro’s firm Change Accountants used a desktop accounting program on a PC which could only be accessed by one person at a time.
Munro or a staff member entered all receipts and invoices manually which took a long time.
Once the firm began using Xero for its internal accounting, Munro could give several people access to the program from any device with an internet connection. One staff member could do the payroll while another could simultaneously send invoices to clients.  [snip].  The article continues @ Digital First, click here to continue reading....