Monday, October 13, 2014

Salesforce launches Wave analytics cloud, boosts enterprise reach

Wave, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud is aimed at a broader base of business users and could expand the company's total addressable market. Salesforce is betting that it can turn analytics into fun.
Larry Dignan for ZD Net writes: Salesforce on Tuesday will launch Wave, its analytics cloud, in a move that broadens its platform for other business use cases and applications designed to make data fun and intuitive for the masses.
Wave, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, is aimed at the broader subset of business users beyond sales and marketing professionals. Salesforce's analytics efforts are designed to be mobile first with the ability to pluck data from any source.
The rollout will be outlined out at Dreamforce 2014 by CEO Marc Benioff on Tuesday. Strategically, the two-year engineering effort to create Wave is driven by Salesforce's desire to become an enterprise player that spans most functions. For instance, Wave could be an analytics front-end to human resources, supply chain and manufacturing data. Analytics will give Salesforce the ability to boost its customer wallet share, but the real win may be increasing the company's total addressable market. [snip].  The article continues @ ZD Net, click here to continue reading....