Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sleeter Group's Take: Intuit Introduces the New QuickBooks Online Accountant

Charlie Russell for The Sleeter Group writes: Today Intuit introduced a major overhaul of QuickBooks Online Accountant, the tool that accounting professionals and QuickBooks ProAdvisors use to work with their QuickBooks Online clients, as well as to manage their own practice. I haven’t had my hands on this yet, so the information provided here is based on demonstrations that I’ve seen, as well as material provided by Intuit. I will be digging into the details in the future when I get my hands on this.

Intuit plans on rolling this out to the public in December 2014 on a limited basis, with a full “global rollout” sometime in 2015. Note also that some of the features that we talk about here might not be available in until later in 2015.

Out with the Old, In with the New QuickBooks Online Accountant

Intuit says that this is a new product “built from the ground up” rather than just an enhancement to the existing QuickBooks Online Accountant product. However, a lot of this will be familiar as it builds on the “Harmony” platform that we’ve been working with for awhile now. [snip].  The article continues @ The Sleeter Group, click here to continue reading....


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