Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quickbooks Online BI/Analytics Tool Qvinci Releases File "Health Check" Features New toolset helps accountants and bookkeepers monitor files and quickly identify accounting errors affecting the P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement.

Qvinci Software unveiled new functionality today called “File Health Check” – a toolset and dashboard that allows accountants to identify accounting file errors, across all clients, in a single view. This new functionality automatically runs a set of 7 tests on each file linked and synced in a Qvinci account. The tests are designed to catch basic errors affecting the Balance Sheet, P&L, and Cash Flow Statement and will identify the month in which the error(s) occurred, up to 36 months ago. Results of the daily checks are posted to a “Health Check” dashboard, through which users can drill down to get additional details regarding the error(s). Learn more at
Qvinci’s core technology allows organizations to automatically sync, consolidate, and compare financial information from multiple locations in a single view, on a daily basis. Standard reports include Cash Flow, P&L, Balance Sheet, and A/P & A/R Aging. The Health Check features enhance the monitoring and analytics utility of the application – instantly highlighting potential issues as they occur, not months or even years later. Qvinci is used by leading multi-unit organizations such as Anytime Fitness, The Dwyer Group, and the Archdiocese of Baltimore.
“This is just another example of Qvinci’s ability to adapt and grow to meet market needs. The idea for this toolset stemmed from the increasing number of requests we were getting from customers to help them track down the source of financial discrepancies. Nearly every one of these calls started with ‘I think there’s something wrong with your program, things aren’t matching up’ – but after some digging we were able to show them where the errors were coming from, inside their accounting files”, said Charles Nagel, CEO of Qvinci. Charles further explained, “We developed tools internally to help us help our clients and soon realized the value to the accounting community of routine file monitoring and a dashboard output. The Health Check features allow Qvinci’s accounting customers to offer their clients increased levels of service. Coupled with our consolidated reporting and benchmarking functionally, Qvinci becomes a must-have for SMB and franchise accountants.”
In addition to providing visibility at the consolidated level, individual locations can view and anonymously benchmark their own financials inside the Qvinci application, using Qvinci’s patent-pending Dynamic mapping to a Standard Chart of Accounts (SCoA).


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