Saturday, December 6, 2014

BizTechnologies introduces BizSight, financial accounting software for small business

BizTechnologies introduces BizSight, a financial accounting software, that will help small business manage their financial accounting, invoicing, expenses, inventory, even manufacturing, so they can get better insight into their business.  BizSight provides a browser-based user interface which can be accessed by the popular browsers and eliminates the traditional in-house client by client install on each machine.  BizSight is built on an industry standard and robust Microsoft SQL server platform.  Customers have the option of running this in-house (on premise), or in the cloud, while enjoying the benefits of a product built for today’s internet era.
BizSight, small business accounting software from BizTechnologies.

BizSight leverages the current technologies to accomplish this, where few can do more, with fewer clicks!  Business owners worry about the business and not the software! They don’t need accounting knowledge or have an accounting staff to run the software! Built-in dashboards and reports, keep the important business metrics always visible.
Whether you are an independent consultant that needs to generate a professional looking invoice, or a business with several employees that needs to go beyond invoicing customers, like tracking purchases and expenses, reconciling accounts, creating purchase orders, managing inventory, tracking your manufacturing (if you are in the manufacturing industry), even try online sales on eBay. BizSight can do all of this and more for any small business’ budget!

Benefits for a small business using BizSight…just the basics or go much further:
  • Professional and customizable invoices to customers, managing payments owed to you.
  • Use the integrated power and simplicity of PayPal to take credit card payments from your customers.
  • Record and track your cash/credit card expenses, as well as pay vendor purchases on account.
  • Create professional looking purchase orders for products and services, then manage your receiving process.
  • Upload items you wish to sell on eBay and download orders back into the software.
  • If you are dealing with widgets, managing this inventory is inherent in what BizSight does.
  • Meaningful dashboards and flexible reporting help you stay on top of your business.
  • If you have a CRM system, that is great!  If you don’t, BizSight can help archive a lot of your business communication with your customers and vendors that takes place via Outlook email automatically- so this information is available to the whole business, not just the individual!
  • Convert your Outlook appointments, where you may track your billable time, into an invoices with just a few clicks – great for independent consultants!
  • Small business manufacturers can go beyond financial accounting, to track work orders, WIP, material and costing.
  • Multi-language capabilities allow different users run different languages (e.g.) front office can run English, warehouse can run BizSight in Spanish.
Multiple Editions – for Use, Industry, On Premise or Cloud
BizSight Professional is the full-featured, on premise, multi-user product that performs all the essential business tasks.
BizSight Express is the entry level edition designed for single users to generate a professional looking invoice and keep basic record of the sale.
BizSight Cloud is the hosted, cloud solution for a small business not ready or interested in installing and maintaining software on premise- yet having the benefit of accessing it anytime, anywhere.  Using a simple login, each user can access BizSight Professional or Express through their favorite browser. Data is safe and secure on Microsoft Azure. $10/month
BizSight Manufacturing is a special edition for small manufacturers who want to create work orders, print custom travelers, track WIP, capture labor, plan material purchases, and get true visibility of costs.
Kevin Hammond, Director of Manufacturing and Technology for the Small Business Development Center (MT-SBDC) in Columbus, Ohio who has assisted BizTechnologies in their business and financing efforts, says that ‘BizSight will be another great choice for our small businesses- regardless of the industry that they are in.  It looks easy to use, at first-glance it looks like Microsoft Office products Word, Excel, and Outlook, that we are already familiar with.  This will make it easy for startups and small businesses to use’.
Being involved with the Manufacturing and Technology side of the Ohio SBDC, Kevin believes that BizSight’s manufacturing edition will give small manufacturers across the country visibility over their costs and inventory to stay competitive. ‘Now, small manufacturers who could not afford the expensive ERP systems have an affordable software to help manage their manufacturing operation’.
Migration for Microsoft Office Accounting Customers
Customers still running on the Microsoft Office Accounting product, which was discontinued in November 2009, can easily migrate to BizSight. The learning curve for migrating customers is short due to the similarities to Office products.  A migration utility and conversion support is included with BizSight to migrate data from Office Accounting.
Data from legacy and other financial accounting packages can be imported using a simple Excel template. Editions of BizSight come with a Software Development Kit (SDK), where RESTful APIs are available for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and other developers to integrate their applications or extend BizSight.
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