Friday, December 5, 2014

Tapeke: The first personal finance application designed for Bitcoin with zero-knowledge privacy! / Something like, for Bitcoin.

Tapeke writes: It’s been a long time since our last update, so let us say thank you for being patient while we have been working to deliver the first zero-knowledge (end-to-end encrypted) personal finance app for Bitcoin.

We are beyond excited to share our redesigned website with the world today, and on December 8th, the first few dozen invitation emails will be sent out to our private beta testing group.


It’s been almost one full year since Tapeke was first conceived. From day one, we set out to develop native Bitcoin software that would not only raise the bar for UX/UI design, but also held the security and privacy of our users in the highest regard. We committed to remain a completely bootstrapped, bitcoin-only startup and responsibly contain our enthusiasm for the project until we had a deliverable product. No lofty promises. No hype. No shenanigans. We just wanted to develop a tool that allows Bitcoin users to increasingly integrate Bitcoin into their regular financial life easily and securely. Our hope is that Tapeke can serve as an example that native Bitcoin apps can be practical and useful without neutering any of Bitcoin’s inherent strengths.


Tapeke is still very much a work in progress. We have so many plans for this product. Our features pipeline is just bursting at the seams with angst. We can’t wait to start sprints to add more cool features, but first Tapeke must prove it walks the walk. We are currently negotiating with respected members of the Bitcoin community who share our persistent advocacy for online privacy to independently audit the Tapeke code base and zero-knowledge process. Any vulnerabilities or issues uncovered by the audits, as well as their resolution, will be shared transparently with the community. We’ll learn how to make trustless apps and services together.


The concept and practice of learning is something we thought about deeply throughout the development process. Like anything else that’s new or one of a kind, Bitcoin has a distinct learning curve that’s fascinating in its own right. The process of ascending the curve is profoundly transformational. It can completely change a person. We’ve all seen it happen. Today, it’s easy to see dramatic changes in individuals who’ve been sprinkled with Satoshi’s pixie dust. It likely won’t be long until Bitcoin’s massive impact is seen across large groups. Bitcoin favors the curious, and it has some very important lessons to teach. One of the biggest lessons is that privacy actually does matter, and preserving one’s privacy is not abjectly suspicious.
As awareness of the dire importance of privacy and security online approaches critical mass, market demand for technologies that preserve privacy and choice is increasing and accelerating. Even the usually complacent tech giants are taking measures to give their users and their data the respect they deserve. Many people are attracted to Bitcoin because it puts them back in full control of their own wealth. The more people come to truly understand Bitcoin, the more they will grow a sincere appreciation for regaining control over the security and privacy of personal information too.
It’s not going to happen automatically or by random chance. We have to build today the world we want to live in tomorrow. The present conditions aren’t very habitable for autonomous control of digital information. The proper conditions need to be cultivated, and then fertilized with the economics of Bitcoin. Some special tools are required for this work, and we are super pumped to present Tapeke as one of these tools.


Thank you again for hanging in there with us. We’ve been so encouraged by our friends and colleagues checking in throughout our development to share their anticipation and support.
Stay tuned for those VIP Private Beta invites starting December 8th!
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