Monday, January 12, 2015

5 Useful Google Apps for Accountants

Vinod Kumar for Accounting Education writes:  There are two types of google apps which may be helpful for accountants. One is which can use in computer and second is which can use in mobile. First, you can get from google chrome web-store and second, you can get google play store. Some are free and fore some, you need to pay.
Here, we are writing some google apps which may increase the productivity of accountants.

1. Book Keeper Accounting App

This is free mobile app which you can download and install in your smart mobile phone. It has complete accounting system with this accountant can record any transaction. It also helps to track the inventory reports. Any time and anywhere, you can generate invoice and send it to your customer on whats-app or other emails through mobile. Only trial basis, it is free for 45 days, then, you have to pay $ 35 per year. All data of Tally can be imported and exported in this app. Except this, there are lots of features in this Google app, so this is most useful app for accountant.

2. Accounting Education App

Accounting Education App is official app of accounting education website. This app is useful for accountant. With the help of this app, accountant can gain new knowledge relating to accounting. They can increase their current knowledge by learning different concepts, definitions, examples and How-to tutorials relating to accounting and finance.

3. Income Tax Calculator App 

Indian accountant can install this app for tax calculation. This app will solve technical complication of following income tax law for calculating income tax.

4. Money Counter 

This is useful if you or your assistant is doing the duty of cashier or shopping billing center. You just install this and you can easily count and manage your different notes currency.

5. Easy Currency Converter App

Easy currency converter app is helpful convert one currency into other currency. If you are the accountant in the company whose business in different countries, you can use this app for knowing the value of your currency in other country's currencies.

Except above app, you can search and find some of wonderful apps which can increase your productivity 10 times. For example, in my case, I installed call recorder, it helps me to know what I and other say in mobile talking. So, you can also find such wonderful app on google play store and google web store. There are also substitute of each app, so, use them one by one and click rank them by stars.


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