Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Digital First : Unleashed vs Dear Comparison: Inventory for Xero, QuickBooks

Margaret Carey for Digital First writes: Sometimes a business needs a more advanced inventory to track stock and sales. Unfortunately, few online accounting programs have anything more than the basics.
QuickBooks Online (QBO) and Saasu include a basic inventory, Xero promises each year an inventory module is on the way, and Reckon One also has no inventory.
The best option is to find an add-on program that will integrate with your accounting program. Xero has the most options (15 when I counted) although some were specific to certain industries. QBO has just three add-on inventory programs, one of which (Unleashed) is still in beta.
I road-tested two of the add-on inventory products that could be integrated into both Xero and QBO – Dear and Unleashed. Although Unleashed is still in beta for QBO it should be available within the next couple of months.
CIN7 also integrates to both but was not reviewed. I had issues accessing a trial version and it is not directly comparable with the other two. CIN7 is a lot more expensive and is probably best suited to a larger organisations with more complex requirements.
I focused on the financial aspects of the total solution including the integration to the accounting software and reviewed the logistics functionality. SNIP, the article continues @ Digital First, click here to continue reading....


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