Sunday, January 11, 2015

Four Things Sure To Destroy Your Tax Season: The Individual Insurance Penalty - The Net Investment Income Tax - The Premium Tax Credit - The Repair Regulations

Tony Nitti for Forbes writes: Tax season starts in a little over a week, which means it’s time for tax preparers nationwide to put on their complainin’ hats.

But trust me –your family and friends are sick and tired of hearing you bitch and moan. They know you work long hours. They know your firm-provided bagels are too stale and the dinners too fattening. They know your senior manager has breath that could fell an ox. At this point, it’s all white noise to them.

So if you want to engender any sympathy over the next few months, you’re going to need some new material. Luckily for you, changes to the tax law have provided four brand new reasons that your life is going to be miserable between now and April 15th. Get to know them, and start rehearsin’.

4. The Individual Insurance Penalty
3. The Net Investment Income Tax
2. The Premium Tax Credit
1. The Repair Regulations


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