Sunday, January 11, 2015

Teapplix Automates Order Entry, Shipping and Accounting with Quickbooks Integration

Greg Holden for EcommerceBytes writes:  How does a small business do more with less? Many businesses go in search of the perfect app, one that can perform many functions all on its own. For others, a "helper app" is just the ticket: one that integrates with other apps and automates critical functions. Teapplix is just such an application - for example, a customer recently wrote on the Amazon forums, "I'm excited to have a way to get my orders into Quick Books without having to enter them all manually."

Another customer is Rex Bledsoe, general manager of Idaho-based Aqua Design, which sells camouflage clothing for fishing and other activities. "As we've processed over 10,000 orders in the past year, there is no question that Teapplix helps us do more with fewer resources," he said. "Automating order-entry tasks alone would be worth the cost and minimal learning curve of a subscription-based service. By using a multi-channel order automation service such as Teapplix, our efficiency has improved substantially, allowing us to focus on our core objectives."
Before Teapplix, Aqua Design manually processed order information, prices, and shipping details for each item. But it's not the company's primary inventory management software. 

"We rely primarily on QuickBooks Pro Premier as our primary management tool," says Bledsoe. "We use Teapplix for limited inventory management." The big advantage Teapplix gives the company is the ability to track inventory from any computer in any location: As hosted software, it makes company data available to employees from the cloud.  [snip, the article continues @ Ecommercebytes, click here to continue reading...]

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