Wednesday, February 4, 2015

eFile4Biz Helps The 1099 Filing Process -- But Perhaps Only A Short Term Opportunity?

Ben Kepes for Forbes writes: Tax time, don’t you love it? Apart from the not inconsequential fear that you’re all of a sudden going to find out that you owe the IRD a heap of cash there is the entire process to think of – all of the paperwork and manual form filing. Pretty much if you took the perfect example of what Government 2.0 would be like, tax filing would be the exact opposite.
So a new integration from eFile4Biz (and yes, as an aside, that is possibly the worse business name ever) into small business accounting platforms QuickBooks and Xero looks set to help this process along. eFile4Biz, already an accredited e-filing provider with the IRS, is now integrated into QuickBooks and Xero meaning that users can import business data from their accounting package directly into eFile4Biz – thus saving time and removing the potential for manual data entering errors. Once uploaded, the eFile4Biz service takes care of the e-filing part of the process.  
It’s a logical integration, but one which raises some questions in my mind. I’m not a US resident but live in a country which already has a relatively high level of e-government services integrated. I’ve also been part of an advisory group working with our own internal revenue service to look at how to streamline the process of tax filing. Government agencies realize that the future will be typified by direct integrations between Governmental services and end user systems of record.
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