Monday, February 9, 2015

Is there a CRM that ties geolocation and social media together?

Over @ Quora we came across the following discussion: Is there a CRM that ties geolocation and social media together?

Seems like there should be one that pulls in Facebook, Twitter, etc., can show you on a map where all your fans/followers are, then let you communication with them easily and track it.

I don't know if eXo Platform is exactly what you are looking for but it might come close, the only thing I'm unsure about is the geolocation feature. 

With eXo Platform you are able to connect with co-workers, vendor partners and clients and other profiles. All of these are then streamed through dedicated workspaces to facilitate task/project management collaboration. 

Another one to have a look at is Salesforce Sales Cloud. It has plenty of features and integrations, some of which may help you to identify where your followers are. Have a look at Salesforce AppExchange - Geolocation.

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And for further explanation: I know there are a ton of CRM's out there.  But, for example and what I'm looking for, I want to find a CRM that pulls in my Mailchimp lists, my twitter followers, and my Facebook fans; cross references between the three; then lets me respond to them via Facebook, Twitter, or Email and track it all.  All the CRMs I've found are really mail dependent.  But more, I want to be able to pull up a map, have it display everyone in the area I'm looking at that I'm connected to, and be able to communicate easily with just those people.