Friday, February 6, 2015

Social CRM: Cool Tool for Driving Content & Brand Marketing

Maria Alonso for Business 2 Community writes: Now more than ever, social media and content marketing are driving business branding and lead generation campaigns. Social media for B2B and B2C enterprises of all sizes – especially small businesses – is a highly controllable and low cost platform for content marketing promoting brand engagement, client recruitment and even customer service.
Content marketing is an essential component in buyer engagement, relying on social media, blogging, webinars, white papers, email newsletters, videos, podcasts, strategic landing pages and supportive web content that shares the methodology, philosophy, mission and services of a business. When it comes to effective content marketing, blogging is not enough. Social media is not enough. Creating engaging webinars is not enough. Today, enterprises – of all sizes – need to incorporate diverse content platforms firing on all cylinders to support marketing drives, lead generation and the presentation of market-leading expertise.
When it comes to social media, it is simply not enough to publish updates to social media platforms. There must be a structure to your social sharing – or else it’s just social madness. No business will recruit leads with scattered, random and disorganized social sharing. It takes a concentrated content effort to strategize, schedule and promote productive, timely, consistent and worthwhile social sharing. For many small to mid-sized businesses particularly, the answer to social media productivity is Social CRM.
Social CRM allows you to start engaging with your customers and prospects in a collaborative manner across key social channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more. Social media is taking traditional CRM software – designed to provide one central location to gather, store, process and analyze present and historical customer information – and giving it a personality.
By incorporating social media into your sales, marketing and customer service activities you can learn more about your customers likes and dislikes. By leveraging the vast amounts of information available on social media channels in a meaningful manner, you can uncover more leads and better interact with your customers and prospects, boosting your overall customer experience.
Businesses everywhere are taking advantage of social media to connect more effectively with customers and prospects. Integrating social media activity with Social CRM can further harness that connection and help to build long-term, mutually-rewarding customer and brand follower relationships.
You can also organize your social media campaigns to drive brand engagement – and content marketing. SNIP.  The article continues @ Business 2 Community, click here to continue reading...