Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stitch Labs integrates with QuickBooks Online

Stitch Labs, the leading online inventory control solution, has announced the release of its latest integration partner, QuickBooks Online (QBO). Now, Stitch automatically syncs important financial data with QBO, saving time for retailers and providing more visibility into their business.

When users integrate Stitch with QBO, Stitch will push invoices, purchase orders and contact information into the accounting platform. Typically, retailers will either manually enter these items or not at all, resulting in inaccuracies and incomplete information. By automatically syncing financial data, including monthly entries that account for changes in cost of goods sold (COGS), inventory assets and stock adjustments, Stitch is providing relief for business owners and accurate data for their accountants.  

“Inventory management is only part of the solution,” said Brandon Levey, Stitch Labs CEO. “And while it sits at our core, we’re also looking across all aspects of a retailer’s business and applying technology to make them more efficient.”

As Stitch increases momentum on new integrations and features, the company is focused on expanding to all areas of business operations for retailers. Since January, Stitch has announced two new sales channel integrations, Magento and WooCommerce. Last year, it was named a “Silver” winner by the Best in Biz Awards for its inventory management solution and received an Interactive Media Award (IMA) for product design.

The integration between QuickBooks Online and Stitch Labs is available now. To learn more, please visit www.stitchlabs.com/quickbooks-online-inventory-management. For more information about Stitch Labs, please visit www.stitchlabs.com.

About Stitch Labs
Stitch is an online inventory control solution that simplifies multichannel retail business. It automatically syncs inventory, orders and sales across channels, which provides retailers a holistic understanding of their operations. With Stitch, retailers save timemake better decisions, and grow their businesses. Stitch integrates with top sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce and Square, as well as add-ons including Quickbooks, Xero and ShipStation. To learn more, visit www.stitchlabs.com or reach out to our team at press@stitchlabs.com or on Twitter at @StitchLabs.