Friday, February 6, 2015

Why is it fundamental for businesses to Integrate CRM Solution and QuickBooks Software?

SalesBoom writes: The QuickBooks Software package is a set of accounting programs, by vendor Intuit Inc. that help the small and mid-size enterprise regulate financial transactions. Intuit has released numerous updated QuickBooks versions with new improvements to keep up with the changing market’s requirements. Online QuickBooks software by Intuit doesn’t require any installations as it enables its user to access the system and database with a web browser through highly secured servers. is a global leader in Cloud Based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) (Software as a service) SaaS solutions for the organization since 2003. Salesboom CRM Software is the most robust and user-friendly platform on the Cloud market. We have the adequate knowledge and experience to rapidly bring success to any business. Our solutions are developed to be easy-to-use and drive user adoption.
Salesboom CRM for QuickBooks is an application that automatically syncs data between your existing Salesboom account and your existing QuickBooks company file. Thereafter, you only need to enter data in one place and it’s updated in the other, saving you time, effort and trouble. QuickBooks integrated with CRM keeps key information synchronized between QuickBooks andSalesboom Online CRM solution. By adopting a QuickBooks CRM Integration plug-in, you will have clear insights that allow making better decisions and forecast the product mix.
Salesboom CRM for QuickBooks ensures one view of customer, items and invoices for the entire corporation. Our CRM for QuickBooks assists you to keep up complete and up-to-date clients’ data across all departments like: Sales, Marketing, Accounting and customer support in your organization. QuickBooks CRM Integration allows you to synchronize your clients and suppliers data between your Salesboom CRM and QuickBooks program.
Also, with Salesboom QuickBooks CRM add on, your organization’s accounting, sales and marketing departments are always on the same page.
Our on-demand Cloud CRM solution is built for small, medium and large businesses where everyone works together to build solid customer.
Now you can simply integrate customers’ records between the two programs thereby ensuring data accuracy. Customers’ contacts and address information is automatically updated regardless of which system it is entered into it. Now you can integrate your CRM solution with one of the industry’s best small business accounting software which is QuickBooks in order to ensure the accuracy of customers’ data between the accounting department and the CRM software and prevent potential errors in billing and shipping.
Salesboom CRM QuickBooks integration is the answer to provide your organization with a full visibility of your data to be more productive. We make it easy to keep everyone on the same page and working with the right data!
With Salesboom CRM for QuickBooks never have sales sell a product that is out of stock again, make every deal profitable with real time profitability calculations, and keep Product Pricing updated in QuickBooks and in the CRM in real time
Also, Implement “Just in time” inventory by keeping inventory numbers in sync between QuickBooks and the Salesboom CRM Software.
Salesboom CRM System transfers detailed data to QuickBooks software, making sure that all the data is complete and accurate so audit and analysis is so easy now. Salesboom Hosted CRM for QuickBooks software will improve the accuracy of financial data, save time, and prevent errors, all with only a single click.

Why Salesboom CRM QuickBooks Integration?

Are you spending many hours daily doing manual data entry in QuickBooks software on data already existing in your Salesboom CRM Account? Do your sales people constantly ask your Accounting department for updates on which Invoices have been paid or if the Invoice has gone out? Salesboom CRM QuickBooks integration increases transparency as result, CRM users can have full visibility to certain accounting data. Our CRM QuickBooks integration plug-in is easy to install with a simple installation wizard that will take you step by step through the configuration process. Our CRM QuickBooks integration plug-in is available within the enterprise edition in affordable price. Salesboom also have a free trial for 30 days so that you can try before you buy.
Salesboom CRM QuickBooks Integration Plug-in is the answer to provide your organization with full visibility to your QuickBooks data they need to be more productive. With just a few clicks, Salesboom CRM solution and QuickBooks software will integrate so that both systems are automatically updated with the latest information from clients, vendors, items, products, invoices, payments and even purchase orders. Our CRM make it easy to keep everyone on the same page and working with the right data!
As result, it doesn’t matter if data is added or updated in the QuickBooks company file or Salesboom CRM Account; our powerful bi-directional integration enables employees to work within the software they need to get the job done.
Our Cloud Based CRM Software sends detailed data to QuickBooks, ensuring that all the data is complete as result, forecast and analysis is a breeze.Salesboom CRM for QuickBooks will ameliorate the accuracy of financial data. All with the simplicity of a single click.