Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Workbox Software LLC Goes Global with Multi-Currency Functionality for Its Flagship iPad Accounting App for Small Businesses

Invoices Generated in Nine Major Languages. Currency Conversion Rates Updated Multiple Times During Business Day.

Workbox Software LLC, a New York City-based software development company, announced today that the latest version of its flagship iPad app, Workbox 3.0, now allows users to operate in multiple currencies, deal with value-added taxes, and invoice clients in one of nine major languages.

Bob Glass, founder of Workbox and a software developer with more than three decades of experience, explained, "International business is now the playing field of the entrepreneur as well as the multinational conglomerate. Multiple currency accounting and non-English invoicing were the next logical steps for Workbox."

Workbox, currently in the top 100 finance apps at the Apple Store, provides most of the day-to-day accounting functions entrepreneurs need to run their businesses.

Among the new features for Workbox are:

- Invoices can be printed in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese;

- Billable expenses can be entered in the home currency of the business and automatically converted to the client's currency. Currency rates are updated multiple times during the day and are provided by;

- The system now handles the Value Added Tax [VAT]; and

- Upon entering a client payment, the system can send the client a payment receipt via email.

Mr. Glass added, "Another important feature is the ability of a business to keep track of their expenses in their 'Home' currency, while billing clients clients in a different currency. It means that a business in France can say they are euro-based. If they have clients in Switzerland, those clients receive bills in Swiss francs while clients in Russia receive theirs in rubles. This makes Workbox a truly global app suitable for any business operating in most of the largest economies in the world."

About Workbox
Workbox is already a robust iPad accounting app for small businesses. Designed as a supplement to full-blown but desktop-bound accounting packages, Workbox addresses the needs of an increasing mobile marketplace. Built-in timers record hours worked for each client, and the Workbox users can keep track of time worked, billable appointments, products sold and services provided. It can handle both one-time and recurring fees and expenses relying on a highly intuitive interface. Workbox also greatly facilitates the billing process, not only generating bills but also tracking accounts receivable. It allows the small businessperson on the move to enter client payments and access a full suite of reports. And all of it from the user's iPad.

Mr. Glass concluded, "We designed Workbox to provide the entrepreneur on the go with the powerful kind of accounting tools that slash administrative time and ensure accuracy in the accounting department. With a globalized economy, even for one-man operations, it is necessary to have the ability to move seamlessly from dollars to euros to rubles to francs. Workbox makes that possible, and the iPad platform lets you take it anywhere."

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