Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Xero Integration with Quote Roller (click to view)

Focus: The focus of this document is to provide you steps on how to integrate Xero into your Quote Roller Account.

What does the integration do? This integration allows you  to sync contacts and  tax rates into your Quote Roller account from Xero. You can create an invoice in Xero from your Quote Roller proposals.

Please note: When creating proposals in Quote Roller, then using the button “Create Invoice in Xero”, if you use any Catalog-Subscriptions or discounts for your pricing table,  these items will not be sent over to the Xero for the invoice. Also, if you have Catalog items that longer than thirty (30) characters in length, the Name will truncated. We recommend having the item name be less than thirty (30) characters.
Step 1: Login into Your Quote Roller Account.
Step 2: On the Upper right, click on Settings click on Integrations on the lower left. Find the Xero integration and click on the enable button
 Settings - Integrations -Xero
Step 3: Connecting Quote Roller with Xero
A.  After you click the enable button, Xero will ask you to login and then Xero will ask you to authorize the connection with Quote Roller. Click on the “Green” Authorize to allow access. Once you do this, this will take you back to Quote Roller.
 Xero - Welcome and Authorize
Step 4: Xero Settings
Xero Settings
A.  Sync Contacts. When you are ready to Sync your Xero Contacts, click on the blue sync button. Quote Roller will process the request and you will receive an email, when this has been completed that will also include a “TXT” file of the sync request of the contacts
B.  Syncing of Xero Taxes Rates. First, we recommend that you create all of your Tax Rates in Xero First, BEFORE syncing to Quote Roller. Tax information can be found in Xero, under Settings >General Settings  > Tax Rates. When you are ready, click on the blue sync button. Once completed, the taxes can be found in Quote Roller under Catalog > Taxes.
C.  Create invoices from proposals. Be sure to check this and click Save. This will allow you  to create invoices fro your proposals.
D.  If you ever need to disable this Integration, follow Step 1 and Step 2 from above and you will have the Disable Integrations and update your Account settings for the Integration.
Congratulations, you have successfully integrated your Xero Clients into Quote Roller!
Step 5:  Viewing your Xero Clients in Quote Roller.  Click on Clients. Any client that has the “Xero” icon, came from Xero.
Client -Xero
Step 6: Re syncing and reviewing the last sync.
  1. If you ever need to re sync or obtain date/time of the last sync. This can be done under Clients > Import Contacts.
Clients - Import Contacts - Xero
Step 7: Creating an invoice for Xero, based up on the Quote Roller Proposal
A.  In your Quote Roller account, go through the process of creating a proposal. Either send the proposal to your client or “Save As Sent”.   Then click on “Create Invoice in Xero” on the right.
Integrations - Proposal Overview - Xero
B.  Next, the Quote Roller system, will display a notice of which data will not be sent through over to Xero. This can include Catalog-Subscriptions, discounts and taxes. Click the “Send Button”.
C.  Now in Xero, you will need to add “Account”, “Tax Rate” and then you can “Approve” the invoice.
D.  Congratulations, you have created a proposal in Quote Roller and created an invoice in Xero.
E.  Please Note:  If Quote Roller gives you an message “  The contact with the specified contact details has been archived. The contact must be un-archived before creating new invoices or credit notes”.


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