Thursday, February 19, 2015

Start-up Kit Offers easy to manage CRM For Small Business / KitCRM ; SMS / Text based CRM

Businesses usually need a CRM system to run their businesses. In today’s cut-throat competitive world businesses especially small businesses need to manage their resources better in order to succeed. Kit perfectly fills in the gap.
Kit is a lot different from the existing lot. All the CRM software in the market today is more or less similar to Salesforce. Now KitCRM performs all the functions of regular CRM software but uses text messages (SMS) to do so. Let’s have a look at how this is done.
Marketing is much simplified using KitCRM saving a lot of time for small business owners. All you need to do is configure KitCRM with your business accounts like shopify, Facebook etc. Once this is done you can simply run your business with SMS’s to run sponsored ad campaign within your budget, take stock of sales, and communicate with customers and a lot more.

Reports can be generated by sending a simple SMS. Something like total sales in a day, best sellers or even slow moving goods or contacting customers or even receiving a detailed sales report can be done very easily.
KitCRM, with its easy to use technology definitely competes with traditional CRM systems for small businesses. Anyone with a smartphone can maintain their customer relationships with their fingertips. It’s as simple as that. Pricing starts at as little as $10 per month and the company also offers a 14day trail.


  1. I agree with this a business usually need a CRM system to run their businesses. However, if that software was complicated to run than it can be problematic for people to run. So this type of easy to use CRM system is good for use. Monitoring your prospects is definitely key and simple tools are a great way to do this (like PanXpan sales pipeline module).

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