Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Financial Statement Masters Presents Truly Unique Software at QB Connect

Financial Statement Masters (FSM) is introducing Excel FSM Version 2.2, a unique software solution for preparing customized financial statements, at QB Connect, being presented by Intuit. Excel FSM supports QuickBooks software, providing Excel with direct access to trial balance data from QuickBooks. Version 2.2 now supports QuickBooks Online Products, as well as Excel 64-bit.
Owner and creator of Excel FSM, Jacques Nault, will be on-site in the "Developers' Garage" area of the exhibitors' space, at Booth #315, to demonstrate and discuss Excel FSM with anyone and everyone who might be interested in streamlining the financial reporting process. After all, who among those attending doesn't use Excel? And/or QuickBooks?
About The Software
Excel FSM transforms Microsoft Excel into an automated financial statement generator for any accounting software by implementing the Financial Statement Module (US Patent 7139729), which describes "a unique and universal method to build financial reports with a computer for any type of business or organization ('The Method')." It also "provides the capacity to read, organize, and manipulate the accounting data of any accounting software ('Business Intelligence')." Excel FSM is an ideal solution for preparing customized financial statements, including: for NPOs, as well as cash flow, consolidated, periodic, budgeted and comparative financial statements.
The bottom line, according to Nault, is that "Building and updating customized financial statements with Microsoft Excel is now automated!" And, he adds, "Excel FSM is affordable and quickly pays dividends in terms of both time and cost savings."
About The Enterprise
The genesis of Financial Statement Masters began over 25 years ago, in 1989, in Quebec, Canada. Research and development was undertaken to create a universal tool, later called the Financial Statement Module, which would allow the extraction and manipulation of any type of accounting data to easily build customized financial statements. Patent applications followed, beginning in 1999. Today, the enterprise continues to develop products, such as Word FSM and The Audit Master, as well as to promote and market the first product, known as Excel FSM.
It is a stated goal of the enterprise, according to owner/inventor Jacques Nault, "to make the invention available to millions of users who generate financial statements each day, providing help to improve their work and thereby benefitting mankind."


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