Tuesday, October 21, 2014

SalesPad releases new business analytics tool, MobileBoards, for QuickBooks Online.

SalesPad, LLC officially releases their newest software, MobileBoards, to help add technological efficiency within all-sized businesses. The application makes reporting anytime, anywhere, easier and more effective. A variety of business information and functions can be viewed in a matter of moments. Reviewing daily, monthly, and weekly deposits, top ten lists, accounts receivables, and top sales representatives are some of the many areas that MobileBoards can access. This product is free for a limited time on Google Play and the App Store.
Imagine the scenario where a traveling Sales Representative is about to walk into a meeting with a new client and has the most recent data in real time. This will enable them to pitch exactly what their company has going on right now. With MobileBoards, the latest data is always at the fingertips of the business. After a simple download, the easiest application on the market can give businesses everything they need in a consistent format. For a limited time only, SalesPad is offering MobileBoards as a free companion product to QuickBooks Online.
MobileBoards’ smooth, simple, and refreshing interface is not the only sleek part of the application. The app has an innovative way of taking a business’ raw data and providing the reports in summary and graphic summary (pie chart, bar graphs, etc.) formats. MobileBoards will detail information in a display board with a variety of different panels and/or collection of reports set up by the end user. Every business needs a way to view the different kinds of raw data they collect, and MobileBoards by SalesPad is helping eliminate inefficient and archaic ways of viewing data with the revolutionary app.
SalesPad representatives will be attending QB Connect where they will be showcasing MobileBoards as well as SalesPad’s complete product portfolio of business software. Conference attendees can come visit SalesPad at booth 309 to learn more about the products. In addition to showcasing SalesPad’s technology, a team of developers representing the company will be participating in a hackathon at QB Connect where participants have 30 hours to develop the best possible app to work with QuickBooks Online.
SalesPad LLC’s mission is to increase each client’s business productivity and decrease operating costs by providing software that helps eliminate areas of inefficiency throughout the business process. We specialize in developing software with the primary goal of providing a more advanced sales and customer service interface to ERP Solutions. SalesPad offers quick quote & order entry, complete inventory visibility, easy access to customer information, and a highly configurable work-flow to make your sales and customer service teams more efficient and effective.