Thursday, January 15, 2015

Expert Shares Key Insights into Small-Business Tax Filing

Richard Koreto for writes: Owners of small businesses want to spend their time perfecting their products and services and working with their clients and customers; dealing with tax paperwork is probably the last thing on their minds. Fortunately, accountants are perfectly positioned to take over this burden on behalf of their small business clients. How can they do it? AccountingWEB sat down with Susan Drenning, president, which provides 1099 and W-2 e-filing services. She gave us the inside scoop on filing these key documents, and shared her insights on trends in small business outsourcing.

AWEB: What are the key filing issues your customers find difficult to manage? What questions do they have?
Drenning: We've spoken with our customers and other companies as well, and discovered that the biggest pain point is the formatting and printing of the form itself. Even in this paperless world, there's still a lot of onsite printing, and we've found that some companies are still manually typing the W-2 and 1099 forms thinking that’s actually easier. This year, we found out that one of the major software programs doesn't correctly align the W-2 forms. Preparing the printed forms for recipients is simply a bigger pain point than you would imagine and has become a compelling reason for small businesses and accounting firms to outsource the full process.
AWEB: So having all software packages work together harmoniously seems essential. For example, I see your service works with Excel and QuickBooks uploads. Is that going to be necessary going forward—different apps working with each other?  (snip, the article continues @ AccountingWeb, click here to continue...)


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